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Because No One In Gunnison County Should Have To Face Cancer Alone

Support our friends and neighbors affected by cancer

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We are gearing up for big year: our goal in 2022 is to continue expanding our client programs and increase our client support by 90%, to over $340,000!We know it is ambitious, but unfortunately more Gunnison County residents are being impacted by cancer, and we are determined to continue furthering our vision that no one has to face cancer alone.

We served more individuals last year than we had in 2017, 2018, and 2019, combined; all thanks to incredible support from our community.

  • $110K Grants monies dispersed in 2021 Living Journeys gives financial grants directly to cancer patients and their families to help with living expenses and medical bills. In addition, we offer a separate transportation grant to reimburse those who have to travel for treatment.
  • 3000+ Homemade Meals delivered in 2021 Every week, Living Journeys provides healthy homemade meals to our clients who are in the thick of treatment or need support while recovering.
  • 1000+ Private Therapy Sessions Since 2017, Living Journeys has provided over 1,000 private emotional therapy sessions for cancer patients, their caretaker and their families.

As a grassroots nonprofit helping in families in our rural community fight cancer, Living Journeys is able to assist our clients in many ways; however, we are not able to meet all of their needs. We are asking for your support because they rely on us during their time of need, and we rely on you.

Will you make a donation today and help us ensure that no one has to face cancer alone? Community helping community is what the Gunnison Valley does best. Your gift really does make a difference and we would like to thank you in advance for your generosity.

Our community needs your help --

Together we can ensure that no one in Gunnison County has to fight cancer alone!

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